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The Manatee Adult Baseball League (operated by Manatee Adult Baseball, Inc.)is a four team participatory recreational wooden bat baseball program for ONLY good sports. We try to limit players to age 30 and over. Some younger players are accepted, but older players are encouraged.All players register with the League and are placed on a team to help ensure parity. Special rules for safety and parity include no stealing of home, a sliding requirement, limitations on a pitcher returning to the mound after the pitcher's team is leading by 5 or more runs, and ending a half-inning at the end of the play during which that team's fifth run of the inning is scored.

To the extent we can, we have 3 types of players: (1) Roster players; (2) Taxi Squad players; and (3) Walk-On players.

(1) Roster Players: We only can accommodate approximately 48 roster players. We try not to place more than 12 players in the dugout sharing field time and at-bats. Roster players pay an annual registration fee (typically $35-$45 for 2012) and game fees (typically $15 per game). Roster players have to attend regularly, and must pay game fees even for those games for which they are not present. Roster players may request to be removed from a roster and pay game fees for only those games which they attend, but are available to any team. Rosters are carefully policed and openings occur frequently.

(2) Taxi Squad Players: Taxi Squad players pay the annual registration fee and then the lower game fees, but do not have to pay game fees for games which they do not attend. These players are eligible to be placed on a roster when they request and when an opening occurs. These players are available to any team.

(3) Walk-On Players: These players are invited to participate in batting practice, fielding practice and warm-ups, and all other activities except, perhaps, games if there are already 12 players "in the dug out". We count the number of roster players at the field at the start of the game, and often, but not always, assign nonregistered players to teams only for that night. IF WE CAN GET THE PLAYER INTO A GAME, then the nonregistered player pays a higher game fee (typcially $20).


We play on Wednesdays. We do not have try-outs. Anyone who wants to play gets to play IF we have an opening (which is NOT often). All players sign in as they arrive. New walk-up players sign a Roster waiver, and leave their games fees as a deposit and take batting practice. If we cannot get a walk-up player into a game that day, then their money is returned. Non-roster players should expect that we canNOT get them in to a game.

We TRY to put no more than 12 players in a dug-out for games.

As players drop out, players are assigned to the openings from the Taxi Squad and new players are added to the Taxi Squad. We post openings to this website.

IDEALLY, player assignments would result in 2 teams with a 51% winning percentage, and 2 teams with a 49% winning percentage. This means that ALL teams must accept their "share" of losses. If you cannot live with losing your "share" of games, then our league is NOT FOR YOU! Nobody except for the Commissioner should discuss with any player that player's participation, or encourage any player to transfer to another team. Any person doing so is subject to discipline.

We have 4 types of games: 1) Regular season games, 2) Training games, 3) Special game and 4) Tournament games. GENERALLY, Training games, Special games and Tournament games are open to anyone (subject to capacity limitations).

Regular roster players who do not attend a regularly scheduled game still will be charged the game fee. (We use "break even" budgeting, so the income stream from ALL roster players, attending or not, is necessary, but more importantly, team parity decisions are based upon full participation from the players assigned to each team.) Any player who wishes more flexible participation or to "pay as you play", can request a transfer to our Taxi Squad; but can expect not to play for the team to which that players last was assigned.

"Full participation" means that any player who misses 3 consecutive games or who misses a large number of games, even if not consecutively, can expect to be tranferred to the Taxi Squad without prior notice. See our rules.

Player assignments TYPICALLY are made two times per year; just before the start of the regular season and just before the resumption of the regular season after the mid-season break. The board decides which of the returning players (who have submitted a new waiver form and who have paid their registration deposit) will be accepted back onto their teams. This determines the number of vacancies. The managers explain to the board what they perceive to be their team's needs and how any of the unassigned players may help those needs. The board then makes a recommendation to the Commissioner for the assignment of unassigned players. Not later thtn the following Monday. the Commissioner announces her decisions.

Quite frankly, we often have more players waiting for regular roster assignements then we have vacancies on regular rosters. Typcially, we will not know how many openings we will have until we see all the applications and the board decides on the returning players. Typically, players who we know well because they joined our League but had to leave the League on good terms and want to re-join the League (especially those who have rule compliant uniform for their old team), may have a slight advantage in efforts to get onto a roster and to get onto the roster of their old team.

Any unassigned player who submitted their payment but who does not get an assignment may either go on the Taxi Squad a play when they are there and there is an opening on any team for the evening, or they can ask for a refund of their payment.

Unassigned player are encouraged to participate in all of our activites, particularly training games and special games. This gives the player the opportunity to get to know, and to get to be known by, the other player and positions the player for team assignment when an opening arises.

We apologize to those whom we are not able to accommodate. We try to be as fair as possible in the player selection process but parity between teams is the utmost consideration (after safety). The players who are the earliest of those who want to join have no advantage over those who most recently want to join. The players who are the more talented players have no advantage over those who has less talent. It is ALL about the needs of the LEAGUE and it's paramount goals of safety, PARITY and fun! Please bear with us; play in our non-regular season games; come take batting and fielding practice (when you can); get to know us and let us get to know you and show us that you share our perspective at all times and in all circumstances, and we will get you onto a regular roster as soon as we can.